Heroes of Overlook

First day in the Tomb of Horrors

Heres a quick summary of what happened, when you walk through doors you become disoriented for some reason duh duh dah. When you have to choose the GMILF is the best option. Just because a campfire looks safe doesn’t mean it wont try to kill you. Angels don’t have feet or legs they have a ghostly like bottom and they know how to expertly go through portals, unlike us…btw they ain’t too holy either. Numbers on the wall stands for time, not how many wraths there are in the room, or some big math equationl. When you sit down to play a game make sure you win cause if you don’t shit goes bad fast. O yeah did I mention we are lost as shit…it’ll happen. Remember keep your fingers crossed and watch to see if scotty will show up just so we can watch him die…to everyone else good luck.

In the words of Calrissian



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